Tax Services

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Need Their Tax Returns Created

Our tax services are specific to entrepreneurs, business owners and their families because we recognize that they have unique/complex needs and requirements in the area of taxation. Taxes are a substantial current and future expense for your business. They must be minimized.

To minimize taxes you cannot just look at the past and prepare a tax return based on what already happened. That just tells you what you owe. You never know how low your taxes could have been.

We take a very different approach to tax services. Instead of just preparing your tax returns from past information, we create your tax return by a future-looking process called tax planning.

Tax returns and financial statements tell us what a blueprint tells an architect. After reviewing your tax returns and financial statements, we will speak with you and, if possible, see the business to fully understand it. Upon fully understanding your business, we will learn what you want to accomplish for yourself and your family. We then create an overall tax strategy to both achieve your objectives and pay the absolute minimum allowable tax. As the year progresses, this will be monitored through regular communications.

As we work with you we stay focused on the results of the business relative to your objectives and how if effects our tax and business strategies.

By working with us you will know:

  • You are solving today’s and tomorrow’s tax problems now.
  • What your taxes are before you prepare your tax return.
  • Every possible step has been taken to make your tax the absolute minimum allowable tax.
  • Your actions fit into a concise tax and business strategy to accomplish your objectives.

Tax planning is a year-round process. It is important that you have a CPA who is committed, knowledgeable, and proactive to discuss your tax, business, and financial concerns with.

Tax Services

Michael Russo & Company provides and has extensive experience in the following service areas:

    • Strategic tax planning and structuring
    • Tax return preparation and review
    • Tax audit representation and tax dispute resolution

In the following tax categories:

    • Individuals and all Businesses Income Tax (federal and all states)
    • Estate and Gift Tax
    • Foreign Tax
    • Payroll Tax
    • Sales Tax
    • Gross Revenue Tax
    • Property Tax

Give us a call to discuss which tax service is right for you. We can be reached at (818) 501 – 6644.