Michael Russo & Co.

A Business CPA for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners & their Families

Tax Services
We ensure thorough and accurate tax evaluations to help you recoup the maximum amount of tax refunds and credits. We place special emphasis on providing comprehensive and customized tax services.

Accounting Services
Our services put you and your business ahead of the curve by managing your financial statements. We also ensure your budget is consistent with your personal and business goals.

Financial Consulting
We provide expert financial consulting and advisory services that cover aspects such as business succession planning, budget analysis, employee pay structuring, retirement savings planning and more!

Michael Russo & Company is dedicated to creating tax, financial, accounting and business solutions for our clients.

We treat your business and your aspirations like they were ours.

Consider all of these questions:

  • What do you want your business to accomplish?
  • What do you want to accomplish for yourself and your family?
  • When do you want to accomplish it?
  • How can we assist you in that objective?

We take a very proactive approach in serving your tax, accounting and business needs to accomplish your objectives. This means that we don’t just prepare your tax return after the fact; we create your tax return through tax, business and cash flow planning. Planning is a process of creating tax strategies and business solutions that reduce taxes while increasing profits and cash flow. We solve your future problems today by putting you and your family ahead of the curve. That is what we would want our business and family CPA to be doing, so that is why we do it for our clients.

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    Our Clients Recommend Us

    Michael looked at my real estate documents and in a heartbeat saw that my attorney was taking over $30,000 from me.

    Santa Monica, CA

    Michael took over our stalled merger and acquisition talks and negotiated our sale for far more than I was originally negotiating for.

    World Industries, Inc.

    They looked at our tax returns and noticed a tax and accounting error by a large CPA firm. They filed amended tax returns and reduced our taxable income by $1,173,926.

    K.M.A. Public Media Co.

    Michael took over my previous accountants IRS audit and reduced our tax assessment by $331,700.

    Cable Installation Company

    We Don’t Just Prepare Your Tax Return, We Create It

    Tax returns and financial statements tell us what a blueprint tells an architect. After reviewing your tax returns and financial statements, we will speak with you and, if possible, see the business to fully understand it. Upon understanding your business, we will learn what you want to accomplish for yourself and your family. We then create an overall tax strategy to both achieve your objectives and pay the absolute minimum allowable tax. As the year progresses, this will be monitored through regular communication.

    Industry Experience

    Our client base ranges from individuals and start-up companies to those with sales over $40 million in the following industries:

    • Real Estate
    • Wholesale
    • Restaurants
    • Equipment Leasing
    • Recreation
    • Software
    • Film Production
    • Directors
    • Advertising
    • Actors
    • Producers
    • Public Relations
    • Telecommunications
    • Entertainment
    • Service
    • Hospitality
    • Interior Design
    • Import/Export
    • Medical & Health Care
    • Internet
    • Post Production
    • Writers
    • Mass Media Publications
    • Architecture
    • Insurance & Finance
    • Legal
    • Manufacturing (heavy & light)
    • Inventory-Based Business
    • Construction/Development
    • Food Service
    • Technology
    • Television
    • Distribution

    With our successful CPA services, we’ve built business relationships with leading clients in diverse industries. We have a reputation as a firm capable of handling large scale assignments in highly specialized areas. With over 40 years of passionate experience serving entrepreneurs and business owners, we have gained experience in many different services, industries, and business transactions. Our client size ranges from start-ups to $42,000,000 in sales.

    Michael Russo & Company is a team of highly skilled, experienced and proactive professionals committed to helping you achieve your business goals. We take no commissions from anyone. One of the most important distinctions between us and other CPA firms is our creativity, forward thinking, and profound commitment to making a difference in your business.