Financial Consulting Services

Our Financial Consulting At A Glance

At Michael Russo & Co. we view everything through the lens of an entrepreneur. We are constantly asking ourselves, are you creating the business results you are in business for? If not, perhaps it is time you experience financial consulting through our eyes.

Michael Russo & Co. provides extensive entrepreneurial, business and financial consulting services to help manage the life of your business. We have experience with many different industries over many years. As a result we have enormous experience dealing with different business matters and situations. Acquiring this knowledge over the years helps us better understand your company and the industry it operates in. As entrepreneurial business and financial advisors, we build valuable and long lasting relationships with you.

We Use an Entrepreneurial Lens to Guide Clients

Covering aspects such as tax planning, operating and budget analysis, cash flow analysis, mergers and acquisitions, strategic business and transaction planning, and succession planning. We analyze businesses through an entrepreneurial lens to guide clients in the direction of their objectives.

Our financial consulting consists of the follow:

  • Setting business objectives and strategies
  • Monthly/Annual financial accounting and tax services to reduce taxes
  • Experienced guidance managing your business to increase profits
  • Tax planning strategies that minimize taxes to increase cash flow

Examples of our Financial Consultant Skills

Client Experience #1:

We met with a paper company at their manufacturing facility. During a tour of the plant the owner pointed out a new and very expensive machine that significantly automated the manufacturing process. We noticed that while the machine was a machine, it was mostly a computer. After the tour, we examined the tax returns and noticed the machinery in the depreciation schedules. The equipment was not broken down between the computer and non-computer components. We investigated what the computer portion of the machine would cost separately from the supplier. The cost of the machinery was mostly computer hardware and software. We correctly amended the tax returns and our new clients received a refund of $107,300. This is just one of many examples we can give to show you, how we work as business and financial advisors.

Client Experience #2:

I had a CPA who had been doing my work for years. My prior CPA seemed ok and claimed that he knew what he was doing. I called Michael anyway and met with him. It was one of the best business decisions I ever made.
Michael immediately understood my business and what needed to be done to grow my business. He reviewed my prior CPA’s tax work and found numerous errors. We had to amend numerous tax returns. Michael Russo & Company then worked with us to:

  • Create an internal accounting department and accounting policies
  • Establish lines of credit with my banks and vendors for future expansion
  • Implement a new accounting system regarding the control and management of inventory
  • Establish new tax and financial accounting policies and financial metrics that have presented my company in the best light to outsiders, reduced my tax burden and provided us with improved financial and cash management tools.

The result is in one year my business has grown from $7,000,000 in annual sales to over $18,000,000. We have moved to a new headquarters location and are moving toward sales of $50,000,000 within 3 years.

Michael Russo & Company, Inc. is a significant resource for my business and keeps us in a forward thinking tax planning and business mode.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you contact Michael. His understanding of my tax and business needs is profound.

David S.

By the way, Michael Russo & Company now handles my father and his energy company as well as my sister’s business.